Dr Troadec

Dr. Corinne Troadec is a former head of the Paris Hospitals Clinic in Paediatric Pneumology at the Trousseau Hospital. In 2003 she set up the first multidisciplinary paediatric centre in Paris, the CMSEA, which brings together more than 14 paediatric specialities. She keeps a hospital activity of tuberculosis and fibroscopy.
Very early on, she became interested in the fundamental link between the overall care of the patient (emotional and family aspects, understanding of the disease) and the effectiveness of the treatments.

To this end, she completed her training with a diploma in therapeutic education (IPCEM) and a course in medical hypnosis. On a personal level, she has been practicing yoga for many years and has experimented with different therapies.
Based on this professional and personal experience, and on meetings with therapists, the need to make a link between hyper-specialised medicine and the treatment of somatic disorders by so-called soft therapies became apparent. This link must bring a real effectiveness by a synergy of care, by a scientific approach of these therapies and by a specific accompaniment and an individualized follow-up.


1996 Graduated in Pediatrics in France
1998 DIU in Paediatric Pneumology in France 
1999 Diploma in Therapeutic Education (IPCEM)
1999-2001 Head of Clinic in Pediatric Pneumology at the Armand Trousseau Hospital in
2015 Hypnosis for paediatric analgesia (IFH) - French Institute of Hypnosis (IFH)
2003 Creation of the CMSEA in Paris (Multidisciplinary Pediatric Specialty Practice)
2001-2021 Attached practitioner at Trousseau Hospital on Tuberculosis and Fibroscopy

Stéphane Bourhis

Stéphane Bourhis is a dancer by training. He studied dance at the Conservatoire National de Danse in Avignon (France). He was hired by the Ballet du Théâtre de Lucerne (1991) and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne (1996-2007).
Stéphane is a certified Iyengar® Yoga teacher since 2013. He currently teaches Iyengar Yoga® at the P.A.R.T.S dance school, at the BKS Iyengar Centre in Brussels, as well as for the project "La petite école", a place of transition to school for children from exile, who have never or hardly attended school. Between 2013 and 2019, he teaches for the project "Yoga at school", for which a prize will be awarded in 2014 during the Forum of innovations in primary schools in Belgium.
He continues his study and deepening of the Iyengar® Yoga method during stays with the Iyengar family in Pune, conventions and internships with advanced teachers in India and Europe.

Ella Portiankin

Ella Portiankin is an osteopath. She studied osteopathy at the MTM school in Paris founded by Albert Bénichou. Before that, she obtained a degree in physiotherapy at the University of Liège in 1998. She worked in the urogynaecology and physical medicine department of the University Hospital of Liege. There, she was particularly involved in the rehabilitation of children with respiratory problems and suffering from enuresis. This hospital experience enabled her to identify the link between emotions and pathologies. In her osteopathic practice, she favours a holistic approach that takes into account the patient's totality.

Florence Thomée

After a career in law firms and companies, Florence Thomée switched to counselling and trained in clinical psychology at the René Descartes University in Paris and in integrative and humanistic psychotherapy at the Sigmund Freud University in Paris.

At the same time, becoming aware of the role of the body, and in particular the breath, in the search for balance and thus embracing a holistic approach to the person, Florence trained in sophrology at the Catherine Alliotta Institute in Paris and in energy psychology with the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) method at the IFPEC. She is currently pursuing her research through the kinesiology course at the Institut Belge de Kinésiologie, always in search of the Body/Spirit/Energy junction which is at the heart of all human life and of which the breath remains the source and the privileged means.

Katarina Van Droogenbroeck

Katarina Van Droogenbroeck is an opera singer, specialising in sacred music and chamber music.
She trained in vocal technique with Trish McCaffrey, an internationally renowned American teacher who has a vocal studio at Lincoln Centre in New York.
Katarina was also artist-in-residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel from 2014 to 2018 in José Van Dam's singing department and is now an associate artist.
She formed the Capricorn Trio with pianist Philippe Riga and French violist Hélène Desaint in 2017, their repertoire ranges from Brahms to Listz and Poldowski. The trio is preparing the recording of their first CD.
In addition to her work as a singer and singing teacher, Katarina is also studying clinical psychology, with a focus on child therapy.