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Dr Troadec

Dr. Corinne Troadec is a former head of the Paris Hospitals Clinic in Paediatric Pneumology at the Trousseau Hospital. In 2003 she set up the first multidisciplinary paediatric centre in Paris, the CMSEA, which brings together more than 14 paediatric specialities. She keeps a hospital activity of tuberculosis and fibroscopy.
Very early on, she became interested in the fundamental link between the overall care of the patient (emotional and family aspects, understanding of the disease) and the effectiveness of the treatments.

To this end, she completed her training with a diploma in therapeutic education (IPCEM) and a course in medical hypnosis. On a personal level, she has been practicing yoga for many years and has experimented with different therapies.
Based on this professional and personal experience, and on meetings with therapists, the need to make a link between hyper-specialised medicine and the treatment of somatic disorders by so-called soft therapies became apparent. This link must bring a real effectiveness by a synergy of care, by a scientific approach of these therapies and by a specific accompaniment and an individualized follow-up.